Guardianship of An Adult

To obtain legal guardianship of an adult who is unable to care for himself or herself and/or his or her property, you will need to file a Petition for the Appointment of a Guardian for an Alleged Incapacitated Adult. You may pick up the appropriate forms from our office.

General Information

Petition for the Appointment of a Guardian

  • You must have two petitioners or one petitioner and the alleged incapacitated adult's doctor's affidavit to file a petition for guardianship.
  • You may file this petition pro se (without an attorney). If you have any questions other than procedural questions, you will need to contact an attorney for that legal advice
  • You may want to contact an attorney anyway to make sure that this is what you need to do for your situation as there may be an alternative to the guardianship for your circumstances. They also will be able to explain your rights and responsibilities as a guardian such as posting bond, filing inventories and annual returns and can explain the consequences should the guardianship not be handled properly.

Filing Fees

The initial filing fee is $250.00 (make check payable to Peach County Probate Court). There will be a remaining balance that will have to be paid after the hearing.