District Attorney

The District Attorney is an elected official and the chief prosecution officer of The Macon Judicial Circuit. Under the constitution and the laws of the State of Georgia, he is responsible for the prosecution of crimes committed in Bibb, Crawford and Peach Counties.

The goal of the District Attorney’s Office is to provide law enforcement services to the people of the Macon Judicial Circuit through the prosecution of crimes. Special attention is given to the cases involving violent and serious crimes such as homicide, robbery, sex crimes, crimes against children, violence against persons, and drug offenses, as well as repeat offenders. Persons who commit these crimes represent the greatest threat to public safely and must receive the principal focus of our efforts. On an ongoing basis, we must also provide effective prosecution of other felonies in order to preserve public respect for and confidence in the criminal justice system. For example, domestic violence cases are continual problems in our county and require considerable attention by the District Attorney’s Office.

Cases in the District Attorney’s Office generally originate with an arrest by a law enforcement agency operating in Bibb, Peach and Crawford Counties. Afterwards, a case may be prepared for presentation to the Grand Jury for an indictment. Those persons who are indicted or who are otherwise charged are then prosecuted through jury or bench trials, if necessary or guilty pleas.

Pursuant to OCGA 50-18-71(b)(2), the Open Records Officer for the Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office is Amy Leigh Womack. Written requests should be submitted to her via email at awomack@maconbibb.us or by mail at Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, Attention: Amy Leigh Womack, 661 Mulberry Street, Macon, Georgia 31201.