Victim's Compensation

The Georgia Victim's Compensation Act established a program to assist innocent violent crime victims with our-of-pocket medical or counseling bills, funeral costs and lost wages directly related to their victimization. Eligibility for funds is based on criteria designed by the State of Georgia.

You may be eligible if your are:

  • a victim of a violent crime with physical injuries;
  • a dependent spouse or child of such victim:
  • a reasonably acting “good Samaritan”;
  • a family violence victim;
  • a DUI crash victim;
  • a parent/guardian of an eligible minor;
  • a guardian or estate administrator of an eligible mentally incompetent claimant; or
  • any person who assumes the costs of an eligible expense of a victim, regardless of such person’s relationship to the
  • victim or whether such person is a dependent of the victim.

You are not eligible if you are:

  • a victim who was incarcerated or was currently serving an existing sentence for a felony involving criminally injurious conduct;
  • a victim that does not cooperate with law enforcement, or prosecution;
  • a victim that contributed to their victimization;
  • a victim whose sole loss was property.