Recreation Advisory Board

The mission of the Peach County Recreation Advisory Board is to enhance the quality of life in the community by providing the best possible recommendations concerning recreational policies, facilities, finances, programs for its citizens, long-range plans and the acquisition and disposition of land.  The PCRAB exists to aid Peach County in providing ample and diverse recreational opportunities for County Residents, in part by advising the County Commissioners, through the Recreation Director, on the development and implementation of the Park and Recreation Master Plan.  

The purpose of PCRAB shall be to serve in an advisory capacity to the Peach County Board of Commissioners and Peach County Parks and Recreation Department.  PCRAB in its operations shall represent no special group, but, rather, shall serve for the general welfare of the County as a whole and make recommendations to the Peach County Board of Commissioners on Parks and Recreation matters.

The following partially lists the objectives and responsibilities relative to the purpose: objectives may be added to or deleted as necessary by the PCRAB:

  • To promote citizen awareness of the desirability of good, adequately financed parks and recreation.
  • To encourage community understanding of park problems and needs.
  • To interpret to the board the public’s needs and interests concerning parks and recreation.
  • To interpret to the public the goals and needs of the parks and recreation.
  • To identify, study, and evaluate citizens and county needs, concerns, and problems. After such study and evaluation, present suitable recommendations to the commissioners for their consideration. 
  • To accept policy study assignments from the board. 
  • Maintain active communications with the Recreation Director and other relevant Staff.
  • Solicit citizen opinions relative to parks and recreation.
  • Request information from, and consult with, service organizations, special interest groups, focus groups, neighborhood associations, and other professionals as appropriate. 
  • Oversee implementation of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan through periodic reviews, updates, and recommended revisions